Saturday, November 18, 2006

Benjamin the Booger

This series of illustrations are a set of beat boards for a short film pitch that Andrew Feliciano and I worked on for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon came to our school to review the pitches and made a contest out of it. We were very proud to say that we made it to the final round of pitching, meaning the top ten ideas. Unfortunately we were not chosen to have our film made but our efforts helped us with our craft, so it definitely wasn't for nothing. Andrew and I have been teaming up on projects for about a year now, he is an animation major and I am an Illustration major, we both go to Cal State Fullerton and use each other's artistic strengths to make the best art possible. He is responsible for the amazing character drawings you'll be seeing, and I took on the job of character painting and background design and painting. The idea behind the story is based on Andrew's little brother, his name is Aaron and he has a wild imagination. We took that truth and created a little story about how amazing a child's imagination could be. In the film Aaron gets in trouble for letting his imagination run wild, (in route, he nearly sets the living room and his mother's cat on fire.) He is sent to time out where he finds himself bored. When I was younger one of my favorite things to do was pick my nose when i was bored, and Aaron is no exception. He finds that the mucus he extracted is actually Benjamin the Booger, and actual living being. The two of them become best friends and eventually have many adventures together. This film is the introduction of the dynamic duo and explains their meeting. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Disneyland Series

These pieces here are all part of a Disneyland Graphite Series I've been working on. I grew up going to Disneyland every year and just love everything it stands for. Although Disneyland is a fun place to visit, the history and Walt's philosophy behind it is even more fascinating. If you have a chance research Walt's thoughts behind the most magical place on earth.

This piece was using a combination of countour lines and photo realistic shading. The building in the background is the Gift Shop in MainStreet USA, and the silhouette is that of the Walt and Mickey statue in the middle of the hub.

This piece is a still life piece. Instead of drawing a boring bowl of fruit i thought this picture I took at the park said a little bit more.

I think this piece is amazing... I wasn't thinking that while working on it though, actually i think i swore a lot during the creation of this piece. However, after finishing it i realize that its one of my better projects. The criteria for this piece was a reflection, and since I'm the over achiever that i am, i couldn't choose a simple mirrored reflection, i had to go distorted. Anyway, i had a moderately fun time working on it, mostly because it was a challenge and cool to have to analyze the shapes on the tuba. For those who were wondering why this is part of the Disneyland Series, it is a viewing of the brass band in MainStreet USA. (Where's Waldo Hint: You can see my buddy Andrew and me taking the picture in the reflection somewhere, good luck)